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Parrochial Ministries


Liturgical Ministries
“Many signs and wonders were preformed by the Apostles.” (Acts 2:43)
We are called to be a community of praise being filled with wonder and awe in God’s presence. Our first goal as Church is to deepen our relationship with God and celebrate the presence of the risen Lord in our midst. The primary place for doing this is in the midst of our Sunday assembly. There is nothing that we do all week that is more important than Sunday worship. All that we are, all that we have, all that we do flows from here. As a Eucharistic community, our first priority is the quality of our Sunday celebrations. To assist us in this work, the parish’s Liturgy Co-Mission coordinates the work of our liturgical ministries: Lectors, Extaordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Hospitality, Choir, Altar Servers, Guardians, and the Video Ministry.


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“We believe and so we speak.” (2 Cor 4:13)
Our parish’s focus on biblical values will hopefully lead us to a deeper level of conviction and therefore of Evangelization in the parish. Evangelization touches upon our relationship with those who are not one with us in Baptism as well as those who have fallen away from the Catholic Church. To be successful, Evangelization demands a fundamental mind shift. We are called to proclaim the person of Jesus Christ, not the Roman Catholic Church or the parish of St. John the Baptist. We concentrate on people and their need for spiritual fulfillment in the hope that we may be worthy vehicles (and responsive vehicles) for the meeting of that need. In order to focus the parish’s attention on Evangelization, as well as develop a consistent strategy for it, an Evangelization Co-Mission has been formed to carry out this essential aspect of the mission of the Church.


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Social Justice
“There was no one needy among them…” (Acts 4:34)
An attitude of service must impact our parish’s relationship with the poor. The interesting twist of the above-quoted scripture is that it does not talk about the neighborhood, the area, or the region. It speaks about the community of believers. Herein lies one of our tragic flaws: our own parishioners are both unaware of and hesitant to make use of the services that are provided out of the parish center. This does not mean that we do not serve the community at large. Bur what does it profit us to gain the world while our own remain in need? The Social Justice Co-Mission leads our efforts at serving the many social needs that confront our parishioners and the community of North Brooklyn. We are blessed that through our Parish’s Thriftshop, Food Pantry,and St. Vincent de Paul Society, many resources are harnessed in our service of the poor.

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Parish Faith Formation
“Ever since you were a child, you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to give you the wisdom that leads to salvation through faith in Christ that person who serves God may be fully qualified and equipped to do every kind of good deed.”  (2 Tim 3:15-17)


This ministry touches many areas of our parish at once:  how we educate and train our younger members as well as our adults in the faith; how, through the mission of our Catholic Parish School, our young people are given a strong foundation for the future and are empowered to spread the Good News by word and action; how all baptized members of our parish are offered opportunities to deepen their faith in our beloved God; how through catechetical courses, our adults are better prepared to share the faith with the younger generations;  and  how the training in the Diocesan Lay Leadership Institute equips our leaders with the wisdom and discernment to participate more fully in their baptismal call.

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Sacramental Preperation For Adults

Adults seeking full initiation into the Catholic Church are invited to enter into a process of faith formation.


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Children’s Faith Formation/Religious Education

Children’s Faith Formation addresses the religious education needs of the children in the parish.  The program follows Diocesan Guidelines for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Children.  This programs has a four year + preparation period for the reception of the Sacraments.


It is for all our children who are preparing for full initiation into the community of faith at St. John the Baptist Parish.  This program takes place at 75 Lewis Avenue on Saturdays from 9:30 until noon.


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St. John the Baptist Parish School
“Teach children how they should live,and they will remember it all their life.”

- Proverbs 22, 6

In the spirit of evangelization and collaboration, St. John the Baptist School serves not only children of the parish, but also children of parishes which have no school, as well as non-Catholic children from our community. Our vision for St. John the Baptist School is to become the Catholic educational cornerstone for building a Christ-centered and prosperous future for the students, parish and community we serve. If you are a registered and active parishioner of St. John the Baptist Parish and have children matriculated in our Parochial School you could qualify for the Parishioner Tuition Rate. The following information must be verified: is listed in the Parish Directory, and consistently attends weekend Masses, and participates in the life of the Parish, and is an active steward of our parish. They are expected to contribute to the Mission of the Parish by sharing their Time, Talent (by giving of their time and volunteering themselves and using their gifts / talents and abilities in service to the parish community) and Treasure (through tithing and financial stewardship to the parish by using the collection envelopes). The children who attend St. John’s Parish School are required to participate in the Parish's Religious Education Program for Children.


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Youth Ministry
“Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but be an example for the believers in your speech, your conduct, your love, faith, and purity.” (1Timothy 4:12)

St. John’s has always been a refuge and safe haven for the young people of Bedford Stuyvesant. This is their “home” and we are their “family”. Our Parish offers our youth a wide range of opportunities for spiritual, moral, social, academic and recreational development in a Christ-centered community. This is accomplished through:


Rap sessions



Bible study

Field trips

Recreationa / game nights


Peer ministry

Leadership development

Community service

Educationa / scholarship opportunities


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Vincentian Spirituality and Family Life
“As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.”  (Joshua 24:15)

Vincentian Spirituality calls us to live in the Vincentian Tradition by being attentive and supportive to our families in Our Lady of Good Counsel and St. John the Baptist.  We will give priority to families and couple events as well as continuing our Bereavement Program.  The Vincentian  Spiritual  Companioning Program component of this ministry.

“Is there some need in your family, parish, or neighbor that wants for attention?  Can you gather together people to solve this problem?  Pray for whatever helps you need from God to take action.”  (Praying with Vincent de Paul by Thomas McKenna, C.M.)


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“What return shall I make to the Lord for all the good he has done for me?”

Parishioners of St. John’s recognize that they have been first blessed by the Lord and thus need to make a return to him for the blessings they have received. As faithful stewards we seek to give of our time, talent, and treasure for the building up of the Body of Christ. Time: minimally, we join together at Sunday Eucharist to praise God and to receive the spiritual nourishment necessary to walk with the Lord in the week that lies ahead. Talent: our parishioners recognize that the talents and abilities that God has blessed them with are meant to be used in the service of one another. Treasure: our parishioners heed the biblical call to give their first fruits to the Lord for the building up of the ministry of the parish and its work with the poor. By our tithing (giving of 10% of our income) we respond to this command. We use envelopes as a concrete sign of our response to God’s generosity to us. The Stewardship Co-Mission assists us in the development of a true spirituality of stewardship.


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Persons in Service of the Mission


A.  The Ministry “of the 12" (the Pastoral Co-Mission)

The Pastoral Co-Mission coordinates the life of the parish as it plans, executes, and evaluates the different aspects of the Pastoral Plan.  The Co-Mission does this through decision  making, on-going supervision of all Parish Co-Missions, evaluation of parish events and the envisioning of the future of the parish.  That future demands that the laity be empowered to assume appropriate responsibility for the administration and activities of the parish.  Thus, the Pastoral Co-Mission will enable each Parish Co-Mission to function collaboratively, following the principle of subsidiarity.


B.  The Ministry “of the 72" (the Parish Co-Missions)

All Parish Co-Missions shall gather twice a year in general session.   At the very least, they must learn to see themselves as necessary extensions of the leadership of the Pastoral Co-Mission.  They need to understand the pivotal role they play as “ambassadors” of all we are about at the parish.  In addition, they need specific training in:  Biblical and Catholic thinking, leadership skills, and servant leadership.


C. The Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is currently composed of parishioners who have completed or are in the process of completing their lay leadership training  program through the Pastoral Institute.  They have been appointed by the Pastor and Pastoral Co-Mission  and are representative of all facets of our parish family.  They meet up to four times a year to discuss concerns that are brought to them from the Cluster and/or Diocese, from the pastor and Pastoral Co-Mission (matters that pertain to the life of the parish as a whole and not to any specific existing Co-Mission), and concerns that they choose to raise for the continued growth of the pastoral mission of our parish at both its sites.


D. Parish Finance Committee

The Parish Finance Committee serves as the over-all coordinator of the fiscal work of the parish. Their primary responsibilities are: planning and monitoring of the budgets for school and parish; coordinating all efforts for the fiscal growth of the entire parish complex; planning of the annual Parish Dinner-Dance; supervising the work of the sub- committees.

  1. The Special Activities Committee coordinates all fund raising efforts at the Parish Center, for both school and parish. For the parish, they coordinate the annual International Festival as well as any special raffles or other fundraising events. For the school, they coordinate the annual candy drive, walk-a-thon, and other fundraising events.

  2. The Advancement Committee oversees all efforts at financial development. Included under these areas would be: research, submission, and follow-through with grants, development and growth of  “friends” and “alumni” lists, coordination of all public relations efforts, development of major donors, etc.

Through the efforts of these groups, we hope to grow our parish fiscally to meet the needs of the ministries we offer the community.


Parish Organization


Parish Societies


Companions of Vincent

The Companions of Vincent are members of the parish who have exemplified the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul in the service of their brothers and sisters.  They gather two to three times each year to reflect on the Vincentian charism and to support one another spiritually in their Vincentian vocations.


Cursillos (At Both OLGC and SJB)

This is a movement of the Church that utilizes its own method.  This method enables personal and fraternal coexistence, as it creates Christian centers whose purpose is to evangelize in all environments, so that all may discover and realize their vocation.


Ladies Sodality (At SJB) And Rosary Society (At OLGC)

This is a society of English speaking women which promotes devotion to Mary and seeks to model her good example for others by trying to live as she did: by doing good works and helping the poor, by prayer and reflection, and by offering financial support to the parish. 


Spiritual Sacred Heart Confraternity (At Both OLGC And SJB)

This is a society of Hispanic women and men who, through devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, are committed to their spiritual growth and development, to share this with others, and to be of service to the parish community.


Holy Name Society (At OLGC)

This is a society of men devoted to the promotion of the Holy Name of Jesus.  Through spiritual, social, and service activities they enhance the life of the parish and grow in their own relationship with the Lord.


Golden Age Club (At OLGC)

Seniors gather weekly at OLGC to pray together, plan common activities, and mutually support one another.


Religious Communities

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring glad tidings to the poor.” (Luke 4:18)

The Congregation of the Mission, popularly known as the Vincentians, were founded in France in the year 1625 by St. Vincent de Paul. Vincent’s purpose was to serve the poor in places and ways that few priests and brothers served, and to assist in the formation of seminarians and priests. In 1815, the Vincentians were invited to come to the United States. And in 1865, Bishop John Loughlin, the first bishop of Brooklyn, invited them to found a Catholic college in his diocese. The Vincentians moved into Brooklyn, into what later became known as St. John’s, in 1868. For over 135 years, the Vincentians Priests and brothers have served the poor and needy of Bedford-Stuyvesant in the spirit and charism of their founder and patron, Vincent de Paul, the “Father to the Poor” and “Light of the Clergy”.


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Daughters of Charity
Founded in France in 1633 by St. Louise de Marillac and St. Vincent de Paul, the Daughters were commissioned to reach out to the poor, the sick and the abandoned - to people in those places which were neglected by the charities of their day. Inspired by this model of service, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton willed that her community of sisters be joined to the Daughters, thus bringing them to the Americas in 1850. The Daughters were invited to serve at St. John the Baptist, and on September 1, 1971 began their ministries here.


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St. Aidan Parish – Williston Park, New York

During the Jubilee Year, 2000, a very special relationship was forged between St. Aidan’s and St. John’s. A Covenant was developed between the two communities which is been celebrated each year at both parishes. As a result, many common initiatives have begun, which have been of great benefit to both parish communities. The greatest blessing of the Covenant has been the relationships that have been forged between the people of the parishes. It is our hope that these bonds will continue to be strengthened in the years that lie ahead.


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